Thursday, February 10, 2011

Blocked v. Unblocked

On February 10, my colleague Cathy Swan (Technology Integration Teacher at New Canaan High School) and I, along with our director of technology Robert Miller, gave a talk to the 9th grade parent body about the value of using Facebook in school. Here is the low down. 

We first surveyed our students. I already blogged about that.

Then we surveyed the parents from our workshop. Most answers were aligned with our students', but there were a few glaring discrepancies.

Now, we are in the process of surveying students from other schools. As I mentioned earlier, I already blogged about this. Based on the first 170 responses, we found that students in UNBLOCKED schools spend
  • 12% MORE Facebook time on schoolwork
  • 8% LESS Facebook time sharing videos and pictures
  • 6% LESS Facebook time talking to friends about movies, books and music.

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