Sunday, January 16, 2011

Facebook Survey for Students

This survey originated at New Canaan High School. My colleague Cathy Swan and I originally designed it as a parent questionnaire in preparation for a Parent Faculty Association meeting about educational applications for social media in high school. It morphed into a student survey in mid-December 2010, and it was posted on the New Canaan High School Library website. Within a month, almost 400 New Canaan High School students responded – sans prompting. Their answers are posted below, Teens Talk About Facebook. This revised version of the survey is intended for wide circulation. Please send it to all young people you know.  Here is a direct link, if you don't want to direct them to this blog <>. Cathy also put together a survey for educators, and she is still collecting responses. That survey's link is (not coincidentally) <>. Share away! We will post responses to both here on February 28th.

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