Saturday, February 19, 2011

Webinar #9

I’ll be honest. When we first included a session on microblogging in the Using Emerging Tech to Improve Your Library program, I had a completely different game plan in mind for the webinar. But hey, that was nine months ago – eons in 21st century terms.

Microblogging is the practice of posting very short (200 characters or less) ongoing updates – statuses in Facebook, and Tweets in Twitter, but there are others – Tumblr and Haiku are gaining popularity among students. Many say that microblogging is a narcissistic waste of time, and it can be just that. But with a purpose, it is a transformational communication tool. It’s ability to connect you with, well, everyone on the grid is incredibly powerful. Just take a look at the developments in the Middle East over the past few weeks. I will be the first to admit that I am not a Twitter expert, I have relatively few followers and I can’t seem to match my peers’ Tweet frequency, and yet, it is still changing the way I learn and teach. Daily. We are not talking three professional development (PD) days per days a year anymore.  We now have access to on-demand, individualized PD 24/7. Exhausting? Definitely. Way cool? That too. 

There are some idiosyncrasies to using microblogging for productivity, thus we will have Emerging Tech member Courtney Walters on hand to facilitate the chat while I present the webinar. This is a model that emerged from session 7 on social capital when Lisa Nielsen dropped in and actively contributed to the discussion. It worked so well that Lisa suggested I replicate it and fortunately, Courtney (who has been feeding me great Twitter tips for a while now) agreed to help out!

What was the original game plan? How, at New Canaan High School library, we use Twitter with kids for tech support and instruction. The obvious problem with this topic is that so many Emerging Tech members work in schools that censor social media. So we while we will touch on that, because seriously folks, change IS gonna come - and we want you to be prepared when it does, we will also talk about microblogging for professional growth and networking. We have some very cool examples!


  1. Okay, Michelle, you have me convinced. Charlie Sheen is not all there is to twittering. It can actually be used for good, too. I'll have to see how that's done. Jo

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