Thursday, January 12, 2017

Future Ready Libraries Facebook Group

I shared this email with my librarian colleagues, our Director of Digital Learning, and our building principal this morning. Feel free to repurpose and reuse in our own district!

Good Morning Colleagues, 

I just joined the Future Ready Librarians Facebook Group, and it is overwhelming, but quite fantastic. My friend Shannon Miller was just hired by Follett to spearhead the Future Read Libraries movement. With 50K+ Twitter followers, she has a huge audience, so within a week the group has garnered 2,000 members. 

Yesterday, she asked members to post pictures of their library entrance. This one caught my eye. 

This was posted by James Allen (@TLJamesA), the past president of the Kentucky Association of School Librarians, and he is a school librarian at Eminence Independent Schools (the landing page features a photo carousel with more images). I have cc'd him here so he knows why his ears are burning 😉. I cc'd Shannon as well. 

As we consider innovating our programs and spaces, I thought this might fuel our imagination. 

Just some food for creative thought...

Have a great Thursday, and a restful three day weekend. 


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