Friday, November 18, 2016

EBSCO Discover Service Gets Even Better & More

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Guess what question students most frequently text the library? If you guessed, "What is the user name and password to the database page?" you are correct. Another frequently texted question is, "How do I access eBooks?" Well, we are very proud to announce that we finally found a way to simplify accessing library resources. We are still fine-tuning our new systems by working closely with the folks who provide these services, so it is very important that students and teachers notify the library when they run into bugs (and there are bugs!). We can be emailed at and texted at (615) 669-6670.

This week, we added a search box to the library home page at Any search entered into the search box will cross search most of our databases. While this has been in place for a couple of years, the search box itself was only accessible through the password protected Database Page. Now, it is public. Before searching, we recommend that students log in to their account. This will automatically sign them on through to all the databases, eBooks, and magazines in the NCHS library collection.

We added individual links to all our databases in the right column of the search results in case students prefer searching that way. Each link in the list includes hover text with a description of the database. A digital carousel featuring our magazine collection appears above the search results. Students only need to click on the image of the magazine they want to read and flip through the content.

We made changes to the Destiny (the library's online catalog) sign in process as well. Students no longer need type in their authentication. So long as they are signed in to Google with their account, they only need to click on the large button to sign in with Google. Students using the Destiny Quest app for their handheld mobile device will need to sign out, and re-authenticate using the updated URL (leave out the http://)

Our digital magazine collection is featured among the search results as well. The list includes:

The AtlanticEsquire New Yorker
Automobile Design Food Popular Photography
Bloomberg Businessweek Forbes Rolling Stone
Car& Driver Horse & Rider Vanity Fair
ESPN Motortrend The Week

No update would be complete without our bi-weekly Tech Tips; this installment: more on being a Google power searcher!
  • Chrome accounts: Sign into Chrome. It makes it much easier to toggle between school and other Google accounts.
  • Multiple browsers: Have at least two browsers on your computer. It helps troubleshoot when you run into problems navigating websites. 
  • Protect your AirDrop: Make sure your Airdrop is private unless you are sharing. 
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