Thursday, November 15, 2012 Update

Yesterday, rolled out a few changes that will help streamline communication for members between and within communities. It was timely, since I was able to introduce the changes in my webinar on learning standards, which emphasizes the common elements among ISTE NETS, the Partnership for 21st Century Learning, AASL's Learning for Life, and Common Core State Standards. The common elements are communication, critical thinking, creativity  and collaboration. So thank you, for modeling the standards! Here is a little guide to highlight what's new at

Speaking of, folks often ask me about the Emerging Tech archive. It is on the landing page of the community (sponsored by Follett Software Company). All you need to do is scroll down. All webinars are archived there, including yesterday's webinar on standards. See below. If you just want the slides, and not the recording, those are available here on my blog on the Presentations page.