Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Google 4 ur Library!

Tomorrow is the kick-off for Season Three of edWeb.net's Using Emerging Tech to Improve Your School Library Program. This will be our 25th webinar in as many months, and our community has grown to nearly 3,600 members.

I am very excited to feature Google Apps for Education in this month's session, 50 Ways Google Can Impact Your School Library Program. This will be an interactive workshop in that I will start the session by posting a link to the 50 resources featured in the webinar, and invite participants to contribute and comment as we go.

I am finding it hard to keep my ever growing list of Google resources down to fifty, but given that it is a sixty-minute webinar, I am sticking to my syllabus.

You are encouraged to register. Thanks to Follett Software's continued sponsorship, Emerging Tech webinars are not only free of charge, but attendees receive certificates of participation whether they participate in real time or asynchronously. All 24 Emerging Tech webinars are archived on the community homepage.

Tomorrow's session:

July 18, 2012 11AM EDT – Session 25 - Google in the Library:
Explore 50 ways in which Google can impact your school library program - from Google Apps to Google Scholar. Find ways to search smarter, think harder, teach better, be more productive, and embed a plethora of 21st century learning skills into your library program, and its administration. Presentation:

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