Saturday, October 29, 2011

L4L in Action

This is the extended version of my segment of the Learning for Life in Action – “Ideas Worth Spreading” presentation at AASL on Saturday, October 29th at 8:00AM in room101E

Taking a page from the successful TED conference format, this “snapshot session” features an elementary, middle school, high school, district-level, and library educator practitioner sharing how each has been able to embed the standards and guidelines into their delivery of instruction and service, using strategies and materials from AASL’s Learning4Life (L4L) implementation effort. 

Karen Gavigan, Director Library Media and Technology, Londonderry School District
Elementary School - Leslie Savage, Palmer Elementary School, Baldwinsville, NY
Middle School – Susan Kowalski, Pine Grove Middle School, East Syracuse, NY
High School - Michelle Luthala, New Canan High School, New Canan, CT
School District – Ann Martin, Henrico County Schools, Richmond, VA
Higher Education – Karen Gavigan, University of South Carolina, Columbia, SC


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