Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Mobile Devices and Digital Content

Hands down, the hottest discussion in the Emerging Tech discussion forum this year, was about ebooks and ereaders,  particularly if you include all the related posts in our inquiry about what to cover next year. It’s so hot that 67% of of the 131 poll respondents voted to change the topic for our April webinar to mobile devices and digital content.
This isn’t just a hot topic in our community. It is a hot topic in the global community.  From Buffy Hamilton to Bobbi Newman, librarians are furiously blogging (in some cases, quite literally furiously) about this. Is it about content? Format? Devices? Is the proverbial tail wagging the dog (publishers and product developers driving education)? What role will educators, play in the in the digital content equation? And where does mobile computing fit in? Will the availability of mobile apps drive usage regardless of content? These are giant questions and their answers may influence the future of school infrastructure. Join our April 13 webinar from 4-5PM, EST at It’s free!

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