Wednesday, December 1, 2010

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I facilitate a free social webinar series in a professional learning community called Using Emerging Technology to Improve Your Library Program.
It is hosted by You must register, but it is absolutely free and you can participate in real time or asynchronously. You can also earn professional learning credits!
The community is almost 1200 members strong and membership includes librarians from over forty different countries. The conversations are amazing. Just in the last week, we’ve been discussing the use of Wikipedia as a research tool and cloud-based calendars for education.
I just posted this preview to the community, but I thought I would share it here as well, just in case you aren’t yet in
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Hi Everyone!
We’ve got an exciting session coming up! We are going to look at evidence-based practice - not just data collection, but analyzing data for federally mandated Response to Intervention (RTI) and embedded 21st century instruction across disciplines.
We’ve looked at data collection in some of our earlier sessions (#3: Best Practices, and #4: Collaboration & the Cloud), but in this session, we will pull apart assessments, explore ways to analyze responses and identify strategies for using the evidence to innovate instruction. We will look at new data – culled from this year’s assessments and investigate methods of comparing data longitudinally – Is it relevant if we are comparing two different cohorts?
Some questions to ponder for next week:
1. Are you assessing Information and Communications Technology (ICT) learning?
2. What tools are being used to measure 21st century learning at your school? What changes might improve that measurement?
For those of you who have been with us for a bit, these questions may sound familiar. I pulled them both from the Emerging Tech discussion forum. The first is about assessment, the second about tools for assessment. Take a peek at the posts when you get a chance. There is a nice conversation in the Tools for Assessment thread.
We will talk about the work of Ross Todd, Carol Kuhlthau, David Loertcsher and Keith Curry Lance.
In case you haven’t seen this, this is a great read:
Todd, R. (2008, April). The Evidence-Based Manifesto for School Librarians: If School Librarians Can’t Prove They Make a Difference, They May Cease to Exist. School Library Journal, 54(04), 38-43.
Have a great week! Love the calendar talk! “See you” next Wednesday at 4PM, Eastern! Erin will post the link.

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